Message at University: "Christians are like rats. Shoot Accurately"

Country: Spain

Date of incident: December 30, 2010

An increasing wave of violence is experienced by students, faculty and staff who are used to attend mass at the University of Barcelona (UB). The media reported extensively a graffiti found in the university restrooms: "Christians are like rats. Shoot accurately". The students affirmed that messages were left also in their writing desks.

The attacks against Christian students started when the UB merged the School of Economics and the School of Business, and moved the chapel to the economics building. The chapel was relocated in a room named after the economist Schumpeter. The room was formerly a reading room. The anti-chapel students declared to the media that they want to stop mass on-campus because the university is public and laity. Catholic students affirmed that they feel harassed. "It is not fair to have to be afraid just because I am a Catholic", said a student who wished to remain unknown during an interview.
During January 2011, due to security reason the chapel was closed. The Observatory reported: