15 Graves Desecrated in Stains

Country: France

Date of incident: August 2, 2021

15 graves were desecrated on the cemetery of Stains. The incident occurred on the night of 31 July to 1 August. The perpetrator(s) knocked over flowers, broke plaques, smashed vaults and broke open tombstones. A complaint was filed with the local police. In the past, the cemetery had been vandalised numerous times, but never to this extend says mayor Azzedine Taïbi.

On his Facebook account, the mayor expressed his indignation with the heinous act: "In the name of the municipality, I want to express my anger and say how shocked I am to see such despicable, unspeakable and inadmissible acts. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the perpetrators of these acts and I hope that the current investigation will enable us to find the culprits and bring them to justice. The municipality has decided to lodge a complaint and will take all necessary steps to accompany and support the families who have been victims of these serious acts of desecration."

Voting is expected regard surveillance. The community is requesting to raise the cemetery wall. 


Photo by facebook.com