Evangelical Church in Marseille Severely Vandalised

Country: France

Date of incident: August 5, 2021

The Vie et Lumière (Life and Light) evangelical church in Marseille, which is a member of the Evangelical Mission of the Romani of France, was recently vandalised. The church had placed a marquee on their rented space, which has been completely destroyed. A member of the community discovered the burned Bibles, the broken furniture and the broken marquee, which was lacerated with a cutter on the evening of August 4, 2021. That person also informed the police about the vandalism, who are currently investigating.

Lauret Castagna, the church treasurer, states that since there was nothing to steal, this has to be pure vandalism. In the past, a building on the same land had been set on fire. The evangelical church was residing outside because of COVID related measures implemented by the French Government. 

Source: france3-regions.francetvinfo.frevangelicalfocus.com

Symbolic Photo by Aude-Andre Saturnio on Unsplash