War on Christmas and Its Symbols

Country: United States

Date of incident: December 17, 2007

Catholic League in the U.S. collected several instances of where Christmas symbols were banned, removed or mistreated in the United States. In Europe, similar instances took place.

December 17, 2007. Examples of the War on Christmas collected by the American NGO Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.
  • After one person complained about a nativity scene in Shawnee State Park in Ohio, the state parks’ chief ordered a ban on crèches from all parks. It took the governor to overturn this decision.
  • In Wesley Chapel, Florida, Jesus was banned from a holiday display.
  • The mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island censored all religious displays.
  • Government officials in Tehama County, California tried to ban Santa in office displays but had to reverse their decision after a protest.
  • A nativity scene in Olean, New York was removed from the City Hall lawn after Wiccans placed the pentacle alongside it.
  • A crèche was banned from Triangle Park in Manistique, Michigan.
  • After a Catholic sued and won demanding a crèche alongside a menorah in Briarcliff Manor, New York, local officials banned both the Christian and Jewish symbols.
  • The Dickens Christmas Festival in Saginaw, Michigan was renamed the Dickens Holiday Festival so the city could advertise in local schools. The schools ban the words “Santa,” “Christmas” and “Nativity.”
  • Atheists Alliance International put up a tree on the lawn of Chester County Courthouse outside Philadelphia with copies of the covers of books saying, “Why I Am Not a Christian,” etc.
  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State is trying to block the display of a crèche in Shelby County, Alabama.
  • Freedom from Religion Foundation is trying to stop the display of nativity scenes in three Wisconsin towns.