Man Steals from Churches and Attacks Parish People

Country: Poland

Date of incident: August 10, 2021

An unknown suspect stole a currently unknown amount of money from two churches in Katowice. On August 10., upon his return to one of the churches, he was confronted by the parish priest and a parish employee resulting in them being attacked with a spray bottle of gas. The 50-year-old was caught on CCTV and is now being searched for by the police who was informed by the parish personnel.

The suspect has been stealing money from the offertory boxes since early August. In the first case, he stole money from the parish of the Elevation of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of the Healing of the Sick, reported on August 5, following the theft of money from the parish of Our Lady of Piekary on August 10. 

As he returned to one church to probably steal again, the vicar of the parishes of the Elevation of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of the Healing of the Sick chased him out. Father Józef Więcek, the parish priest of Our Lady of Piekary, saw the man entering his parish on CCTV and together with an employee confronted the 50-year-old, telling him that police is looking for him. 

Upon this, the suspect started arguing and sprayed gas into the direction of the parish employee and fled the scene. The employee was unharmed in this attack. Police could not apprehend the man for he managed to escape, but, they are searching for the man's whereabouts. 


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