The Church of Saint-Tudy in Loctudy Remained Closed due to Repetitive Acts of Vandalism and Damage

Country: France

Date of incident: April 25, 2021

From January 2020 onwards, damage of the church of Saint-Tudy in Loctudy have been regularly reported due to the repetitive acts of vandalism. The parishioners complained that on Palm Sunday, the Paschal candle were broken into two and that the curtains have been torn off and the frost, hydroalcoholic as well as confessionals gel were thrown and spilled on the pews of the church. Another act of vandalism occurred on the 17th April when lit and overturned candles were thrown into a trunk. In addition, inside the trunk, banknotes have been partially burnt. Due to these repetitive acts of vandalism and damage, the church will only be opened during mass times. Otherwise, it will remain closed until further notice.

Source: Christianophobie 

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash