Blasphemous and Hurtful Art Funded by and Displayed on Ibiza

Country: Spain

Date of incident: September 30, 2007

The art exhibition "Vamos a Ibiza" (Let's go to Ibiza) by artist Ivo Hendriks shows John Paul II having passive homosexual sex, and Jesus Christ on the way of the cross while a character – half man, half woman - holds a penis to his mouth. The exhibition was authorized and funded by the Ibiza local authorities, and it took place inside the former L'Hospitalet church.

The Dioceses of Ibiza requested the removal of the images, but the Ibiza Department of Culture representative, Sandra Mayans, rejected this. In support of her decision, Mayans stated: "Politicians do not make any judgement about what is considered art; we should respect the artist's freedom of expression." Sources: