Catholic School Vandalized in Pozuelo de Alarcon

Country: Spain

Date of incident: October 31, 2006

The Catholic School Monte Tabor was vandalized just a few days before its inauguration in September 2006. Early in the morning, wearing gloves, four youths broke into the school and caused significant damage to the establishment, estimated in the amount of 20,000 Euro. Doors, windows, desks, and chairs were destroyed, and the walls painted with anti-Catholic expressions, as well as attacks to the PP, the PSOE political opponents.

School authorities presumed the attack was caused by negative media coverage. Atheists parents had complained about a confessional school being under construction in the town of Pozuelo, and the socialist party representative Rafael Simancas had criticized the school because the instruction is given to girls and boys in different rooms after the age of 10; and its Christian view points on sociatel issues. The school belongs to the Catholic foundation Tiempos Más Nuevos, an organization related the the Schoenstatt movement and was attacked again in October 2006. Sources: