St David's Church in Hubberston Repeatedly Vandalized

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: September 7, 2021

The church of St. David and its surroundings continue to be vandalized almost on a daily basis: litter, condoms, sanitary towels, signs of drug use, and human excrement have had to be cleared away by the parishioners, the vast majority of whom are elderly. The latest event affected the church directly where the windows were smashed and graves desecrated. Church members, neighbors, and the police have worked to limit the amount of vandalism. One of the regular church attendants expressed her concern regarding the ongoing vandalism, "The costs and efforts to maintain and continue to preserve these local assets are immense. As a community, we seek to protect our village green and buildings for future generations (...) For almost 900 years it has been cherished and used by thousands of people near and far, as a place of spiritual peace and as a link between generations past and present".

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