Study Reveals: Christians are a minorty at the BBC

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: December 3, 2011

A diversity survey conducted internally by the BBC revealed that only 22.5 of its employees are Christians. In a country where the majority of the population identified themselves as Christians, the fact that the BBC staff do not constitute a fair representation of the public constitute a factor that needs to be corrected, said BBC veteran Roger Bolton.

The Daily Mail reads: Christians a minority at 'biased' BBC where staff are more likely to be atheists or non-believers “Ofcom and Parliament need to understand that the reporting of any matter is influenced by the journalist’s worldview. A variety of providers is essential in a free and democratic society – including those with a faith-based perspective,” says J Peter Wilson, a media consultant at the Christian Broadcasting Council (CBC). Peter Kearney, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church has said that the BBC is
“institutionally incapable of reflecting the society it serves since BBC staff are not representative of the audience they broadcast to.”