Polemic Cross of Ribalta Vandalised

Country: Spain

Date of incident: August 18, 2021

The Cross located in the Ribalta Park in Castelló has been vandalized with graffiti by unknown perpetrators on the 18. August. The Cross was targeted to be demolished in compliance with the "Historical Memory Law", but the judge has not yet decided on the issue. The message with graffiti said: "Either you knock down the cross, or we will knock it down". This shows bias against religious symbols. The city council has deemed the graffiti unacceptable and has proceeded to remove it.

The cross is undergoing a long process between those who want to preserve it and those who want to remove it in compliance with the Law of Historical Memory. In case the cross is removed, the Bishopric will take care of it.

Source: elperiodicomediterraneo.com

Symbolic Photo: Pexels