BBC Screens Show In Which Radical Christians Behead a Moderate Muslim

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: July 24, 2008

„Bonekickers“, a BBC TV production which that claims to be fact –based ("History comes alive," says the promotional campaign) deals with a group of radical Christians whose goal is to clean England of immigrants.

During the first episode (entitled "Army of God"), terrorist-like Christian radicals are shown to kill an innocent, moderate Muslim. Andrew Anthony of the Guardian newspaper said, "A Martian watching TV drama of late would probably conclude that the country is crawling with homicidal islamophobes, desperate to kill those few Muslims who have not already been interned by the government or shot by the police." Hermione Eyre writing a review for the Independant commented: "Murderous Christian fundamentalists, like the ones on Bonekickers, are frequently on TV, but their Islamic counterparts rarely make an appearance. Our TV controllers have a tendency to make like the three wise monkeys when it comes to Muslim extremism: hear no evil, see no evil, broadcast no evil." The series was written by Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, directed by James Strong, and had Paul Rhys and Paul Nicholls in the leading roles. The BBC had to issue a press release to explain upset viewers that the series was not meant to be offensive or inappropriate, but no apology was sent to over 100 individuals who complaint about BBC’s anti-Christian bias.