BBC Screens Anti-Christian Series

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: April 24, 2008

EastEnders, a BBC soap opera based on the life of Lucas Aaron Johnson, a pastor played by Don Giler, portrays Johnson as a twisted Christian preacher with strong religious convictions committing terrible crimes. The executive producer Diederick Santer said about the character: "Lucas is doing the Lord's work".

Pastor Johnson fathered Chelsea and abandoned her and her mother; run into drugs addiction; had another son with Trina; Trina dies in a domestic accident caused by Johnson who let her die; kills ex-husband of his current partner; drowns his own son´s dog and lies the dog had run away; strangles his wife while quoting the Bible, hides her insisting she committed suicide, kills a prostitute; etc.   The BBC insists the series is not anti-Christian, and only shows a character that is not quite right in his mind, dismissing complaints raised by Christians regarding the offensive plot of EastEnders. Sources: