Marketing Campaign for Canal+ Series Smashes Holy Images

Country: France

Date of incident: September 29, 2011

„Borgia“ TV series produced by the French TV channel "Canal+" in association with EOS Entertainment and distributed by Beta Film GmbH, used holy symbols for promotional advertisements in a profane way.

The marketing campaign designed by Crea Geneve uses posters which background resemble the glass work found in churches. The posters display the actors in holy attire and positions similar to the saints in the Catholic Church. The images include a man dressed like a bishop or pope with gold and precious items covering his pedestal. He represents "corruption". A man dressed like a saint, holding a knife with blood, and blood on his cloth and pedestal. He represents "murder". A barely covered women on a pedestal, a young man kneeling in front of her pressing his head against her genitals. She represents "lust".  The official website places the images described above inside a Church and behind the altar. Comments and information posted in the web site end with the word "Amen", inviting visitors to click for further information. A cross replaces the cursor while different window are activated.   Sources and images: