Anti-Christian Parade and Art Exhibit During Catholic World Family Forum in Valencia

Country: Spain

Date of incident: June 30, 2006

On June 24th a LGBT parade targeted Valencia Cathedral where a priestly ordination mass was taking place. Protesters, holding anti-Christian signs and dressed in profane attire, were joined by the Secretary of Social Affairs, Pedro Zerolo. During the same days, an art exhibit was hosted at the University of Valencia. In order to mock the Catholic Church and sacred art, icons were used for profane images.

The parade and the exhibit took place in conjunction with a conference promoting „alternative family lifestlyes“ hosted from June 22th to 24th in order to contravene the 5th World Family Forum, a large Catholic event in which also Pope Benedikt took place. This "alternative family lifestyle“ conference was supported by the Spanish Socialist Party and funded the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.