Pro-Abortion Activists Spread False Claim That Bishop Said It Was OK to Rape a Woman Who Had an Abortion

Country: Spain

Date of incident: January 10, 2012

Pro-abortion forces on the internet are engaged in an ongoing campaign accusing a Spanish bishop of legitimizing rape during a sermon denouncing the killing of the unborn.

The homily, which was given by Archbishop Javier Martinez of Granada on December 20, 2009, has only recently attracted the attention of pro-abortion blogs, despite having been posted on YouTube already in October 2010. The words of the bishop, which ringingly denounce the legalization of abortion and the resulting abuse of women, have been inverted by bloggers who claim that the bishop is endorsing, rather than lamenting, such abuse. “To kill a defenseless child, and that his own mother does it!” said the bishop, adding, “This gives men the absolute license, without limit, to abuse the body of the woman, because she endures the tragedy, and she endures it as if it were a right: the right to live all of her life weighed down by a crime that always leaves traces in the conscience and for which doctors, not psychiatrists nor all of the specialists, know a remedy.” Supporters of abortion have twisted the archbishop’s explicit condemnation of the abuse of women, suggesting that by saying abortion gives men the “license” to abuse a woman, the bishop literally meant that it is ok to rape a woman who has had an abortion. “‘Rape women because they deserve it,’ says Archbishop of Granada,” reads the headline on the web page of leftist blogger Fernando Riveres. “A Spanish Archbishop legitimizes rape for women who have aborted,” says the French “Hern Political Blog,” in a headline repeated by the website “JOL Press.” On the English-language “AlterNet,” a user named “WitchJoey” berates the Archbishop in an “open letter” that opines, “Your recent statements In Spain that ‘it is acceptable for a woman to be raped’ are a testament to the filth of the Catholic church hierarchy, and a despicable example of how women-hating trash like you exist without regard by the misguided papal blessings; and the additional shear blindness of the pope himself.” We thank LifeSiteNews for reporting. Read more here...