Sex-Education Guides Mock Virgin Mary and Violate Religious Freedom

Country: Spain

Date of incident: December 13, 2021

A Madrid court has ruled on December 13. that the distribution in schools of sex education guides called “Gender Rebel” in Getafe violated the right to religious freedom of Christian children, as it mocks Christian symbols and violates the right of parents to educate their children according to their beliefs. These guides ridiculed the chastity of the Virgin Mary and invite teenagers to masturbate, affirming that it is not a sin. The guides were promoted by the city council, as well as the ministry of equality.

The administration has proceeded to the withdrawal of almost 600 guides, which were distributed in schools as a strategy to promote equality and combat gender violence.

The organisation of Christian lawyers, "Abogados Cristianos" denounced that the vocabulary and the content from the guides were particularly offensive against Christians. In chapter 6, called "Depatriarchalising bodies" they found phrases like "masturbation is cool" or "turn off the TV and turn on your clitoris". Also, the Virgin Mary is mocked and criticised, by stating that the Church had imposed the role of the "self-sacrificing mother, all dedication and sacrifice, without a life of her own and asexual". They also brought the case before the Court. 

The court concluded that the distribution in schools violated "the fundamental right of Christian pupils not to suffer any discrimination on the grounds of their religion or beliefs and the right of parents to ensure that their children receive the religious and moral education that is in accordance with their own convictions". The ruling said that "the need to ridicule the Virgin Mary for her virginity - and in front of an audience as sensitive and deserving of such great protection as schoolchildren - is incomprehensible". It was also stated that while violating the fundamental rights of Christians, the Getafe municipality's actions "contribute to breaking social peace," which adds to the "moral damage, ridicule or exclusion" that the reading of the guides can cause to minors in their formative years. The ruling also points out that only the Catholic religion was discriminated against, although other religions also promote chastity.

Polonia Castellanos, president of "Abogados Cristianos" reminded in a statement that "to attack is not the same as to educate". 

Source: El Confidencial El Español

Symbolic Photo: Pexels