Personal Experiences of Marginalisation in the Area of Adoption and Fostering

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 26, 2010

Evangelical Premier Media conducted a survey called "Freedom of the Cross Consultations" in May 2010. 12 % of the respondants answered that they had experienced discrimination personally, another 10% that they knew someone who had. Read here some quotes with regard to "Adoption and Fostering".

“My wife and I were looking forward to fostering a child (or two). We were at the end of a lengthy process of meetings and paperwork, also a check on our home, all was in order… one question changed all our dreams; Do we agree with homosexuality in the home? Our answer: No. We were rejected and the process stopped there and then.”

“I am a JP working on the family panel in my local area. Due to government legislation a case may come before us demanding that I give consent to a child being placed with an inappropriate couple. My only action is to resign, as I would not be allowed to withdraw from the case on the grounds of conscience.” “I am a foster carer who is bringing up my son in the faith, which stated on the form that he is a Christian. He is 10 years old and has been in my care for several years. As he has been learning more about his faith, he has begun to share this at school. I was told to remove him from meetings where the speaker proclaims that Jesus is the only way to God. I am in dialogue with school and local authority re. his faith being offensive to those of other faiths.”

“When going through the adoption process we found it a disadvantage to be Christian. In fact, one agency said we would have more chance getting a child if we were lesbians than practising Christians.” “A lady in my church was threatened with dismissal for refusing to place an adoptive child with a same sex couple. She was bullied out of a job and had to move to another department.” Source and full report: