Personal Experiences of Marginalisation in the Area of Education

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 28, 2010

Evangelical Premier Media conducted a survey called "Freedom of the Cross Consultations" in May 2010. 12 % of the respondants answered that they had experienced discrimination personally, another 10% that they knew someone who had. Read here some quotes with regard to education.

“I am a teacher in a Church of England school. Schools are becoming so politically correct that it appears to be OK to celebrate any faith as long as it is not the Christian faith.” “In the school that I have taught in over 10 years, in every aspect- in assemblies, in the school ethos and principles, there is a growing sense that it would be ‘unprofessional’ to mention any question/ issue of faith outside the classroom.” “I am a maths teacher who lost her job because of offering to pray for a sick pupil.” “I am a singing/music teacher and I have been asked at one of my workplaces to not use Gospel songs.” “I attend a University in London and the prayer room designated for multi-faith has been assigned to a cleaning company, whilst two rooms have been made available for Male and Female Muslims. There is a complete disregard for my faith and others but not Muslims.” “As Rector in my local area, I was not allowed to be a school governor as it might affect or upset other sections of the community. Humanists had children in the school but neither was he invited onto the Board of Governors.” “I am a Christian teacher who simply offered to pray for a sick student and lost my job as a result of this Christian act of kindness.” “In my college, if I start taking about Jesus, then people don’t think you are normal.” “My eldest son was forced to pray to Allah during an Eid assembly at the local state school. Our complaint to the governors that this was incompatible with our Catholic faith was ignored. We had to move him to a Catholic school.” “Our borough’s school Christmas card competition: the judges do not choose any to win if they have Christian imagery e.g. Jesus and Mary.” “In school assemblies, we are not allowed to say ‘God is’ but always have to paraphrase ‘I believe God is…’ why can’t we give an absolute opinion?” “My friend had a letter asking if her child had permission to go to a Christian church, yet, the school never asked her if she could go to a temple and they took her daughter without her parents knowing.” Source and full report: