Personal Experiences of Marginalisation in the Area of Government Funding

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 31, 2011

Evangelical Premier Media conducted a survey called "Freedom of the Cross Consultations" in May 2010. 12 % of the respondants answered that they had experienced discrimination personally, another 10% that they knew someone who had. Read here some quotes in the area of government funding.

“A well known Christian charity, that offers help in freeing people from drugs and alcohol, has lost its grant of £600,000 because it preaches that faith in Jesus sets people free; this despite the charity having an 80% success rate.”  “As a Christian youth worker, I have found it difficult, almost impossible to secure funding for youth projects with Christian persuasion, though they are always a benefit to the local community.” “I am trustee of a homeless charity, founded and supported by the churches in the local area. When we apply for grants and funding, our chances of success are slim if we say we are a Christian organisation- it is like Communist Russia!” “When designing a youth project for a charity I was advised that I must not say it would be based on Christian principles otherwise I would get no funding.”