Personal Experiences of Repression of Religious Symbols and Public Prayer

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 28, 2010

Evangelical Premier Media conducted a survey called "Freedom of the Cross Consultations" in May 2010. 12 % of the respondants answered that they had experienced discrimination personally, another 10% that they knew someone who had. Read here some quotes with regard to religious symbols and prayer in public.

“Three years ago I was the chaplain to our local mayor. As a practising Christian she wished to reinstate prayers before council meetings, at least during her term in office, but she was not allowed to do so.” “As a result of a single complaint being made about council meetings (parish) commencing with prayers, this no longer happens. Representatives of the churches attended a meeting to put forward our views." “There is a trend to hold virtually all-junior sports activities on Sunday morning. This presents parents, who have always taken their young children to church, with a very difficult decision whether to deny your child the opportunity to exercise and the opportunity of belonging to a sports team, or stop taking them to church.” “It seems as though there is no space for Christian symbols in the public square.” A Christian couple informed in their local neighbourhood: “We were to take down our cross, as it would be seen to be offensive.”  “The police have said that I should not display Christian crosses on my front door because it is upsetting to people.” “I can’t believe in our local hospital that we are not allowed to have a crucifix up in the chapel in case we offend anybody.” “Not being able to speak about Christian issues in public.”


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