Personal Experiences of Marginalisation at the Workplace

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 29, 2010

Evangelical Premier Media conducted a survey called "Freedom of the Cross Consultations" in May 2010. 12 % of the respondants answered that they had experienced discrimination personally, another 10% that they knew someone who had. Read here some quotes at the workplace with a special focus on the medical profession.

Workplace in general


“I have been on an interview panel and seen a candidate rejected even though she was best for the job because she said she went to church.”


“We are not allowed to express, share, witness or listen to Christian radio broadcast during our work breaktimes.”


“I was given new working hours, which required me to work on Sundays. As the Church organist, I asked them to change this so as to respect my Christian values. I was told if I was Muslim this would be granted but not if I was a Christian.”


“My CEO in front of two managers and colleagues yelled me out when I discreetly asked my CEO not to use the term Jesus Christ flippantly. All who were present were stunned. This was typical language used by other managers and staff without consideration of the offence it causes to others.”


“Whilst volunteering in my local hospice, the cross was removed from its central position as it could potentially cause offence to people of other faiths and no faith. However the Koran was given a special shelf, especially built to accommodate it but not the Bible, just to satisfy Muslims.”


“In the workplace just having a Christian related password on my computer, got me into trouble- I was insulted by management. This was the start of ongoing bullying.”


“I was asked not to forward an email of a Christian nature, whilst emails criticising Christianity are frequently sent and this is deemed acceptable.”


“I was sacked from my voluntary work doing Reflexology on cancer sufferers as I spoke about the Lord to one.”


“As a Christian in the workplace of a justice centre (police, magistrates, probation) I was surprised by the refusal to let Bibles in the Building. I was subsequently dismissed when a box of Gideon Bibles was found by manager under my desk.”


“When working in a mother and baby centre, the Christian staff were not allowed to speak girls about choice when seeking an abortion.”


„At my work, I was asked to remove a jumper I was wearing with a logo about my local Christian youth camp. I thought this was an infringement of my rights an act which suggested I should not take pride in my beliefs.”


“As an Employment Consultant, who have been at work 50 years, I have never seen so much case law and tribunal decisions acting against Christians- particularly where the rights of the minority groups are given precedence over Christians.”


Medicine-related Workplace


“As a General Practicioner, I am permitted to decline referring a woman for abortion; I am however compelled to make her an immediate appointment with another colleague who will. This marginalises my rights to conscientious objection as a Christian doctor.”


“When we lived in Birmingham, the Council stopped carol singers in the hospital in case it upset other faiths.”


“I work for the local National Health Services Trust. Female nurses are not allowed to wear small necklace with cross but Muslims are allowed to cover their heads with scarves.”


“Several years ago, my mother was hospitalised. During that time we wanted to read the Bible to her, but all the Gideon Bibles had been gathered and locked up in a cupboard so as not to offend other religions. Access to the Bibles was only made available through the ward sisters who held the key to the cupboard. She was not always available therefore access to the Bible was extremely difficult.”


“In my work as a nurse, I gave a patient a small portion of Bible verses to encourage him in his situation. I was taken aside and made to explain what I had just done. I am sure that if it were a poem, painting or a portion of a secular book, this would not have happened to me.”


“I am a trained counsellor, who is a Christian. I asked my local surgery if I could leave my card to advertise my services. I was told I was not allowed to so because it would be offensive to other faiths.”


“As a local health professional, I went to work in one place and shared my faith with one of the female members of staff. The lady reported it to her head office who conducted my locum agency. Since then I have not been posted to work there again because of the incident.”


“As a student nurse in 1970, I was taught my role was to care for the whole patient’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Today it’s changed, I am unable to care for the whole patient. I am not allowed to pray for the patient and give them spiritual support.”


“We are not allowed to advertise for a Christian doctor to join our practise as a partner. All the partners are committed Christians at present.”


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