Blasphemious Theater Play at Thalia Theater in Hamburg

Country: Germany

Date of incident: January 25, 2012

The play "Golgotha Picnic" by Rodrigo Garcia contains "sedition, blasphemy and pornography", say Christian viewers.

The use of blood, sex, genitalia, garbage and vomit are used in a defaming way in context of the figure of Jesus the Christ, the Christian faith and Christian heritage. There is also a simulation of the crucifixion of a half-naked woman with a helmet as a naked actor plays the piano version of Haydn's "Seven Last words of Christ" on the cross. The piece was previously performed in France, where it triggered strong Catholic protests, primarily public prayer. Against the play the Archbishop of Paris Garcia Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, called Catholics to pray for atonement against the attack on the sacred.  In the media peaceful Christians protesting have been stereotyped as right radical fundamentalist and militant.

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