Catholic Church Vandalised with Dog Manure for several Months

Country: Germany

Date of incident: January 20, 2022

The police have found a suspect, who might be responsible for the vandalism attacks that endured the Catholic church St. Aegidius for several months since October 2021. The man had smeared dog excrement on the walls of the church or left dog excrement at the entrance of the church almost every week. The pastor Anrul Lourdu commented: "We are speechless and meanwhile also powerless. It is simply undignified, unattractive and inhumane what is happening."

"We don't know what to do any more," sayd Mr. Lourdu. He asked the citizens to collaborate with the police to protect the church, as: "this is a place for the entire population and a monument of culture and religion." Mr. Lourdu also asked the perpetrator to come forward if he is upset with the church as an institution for any reason. He said: "I am ready to talk," Lourdu emphasises: "We are close to the people."

The priest also commented that these actions had affected the community, and he wondered why someone would do something like this. Despite the attacks, the church remained open. The priest also said that this had not been the first vandalism incident they experienced.


Source: RNZ, RNZ 2021

Photo from RNZ