Vandalism in the Cemetery of Belleville-sur-Meuse

Country: France

Date of incident: June 30, 2011

Fifteen Christian graves were damaged in the cemetery of Belleville-sur-Meuse and many crosses and statues broken into pieces. Ashes of three deceased have been scattered. Several crosses, marbles and plaques were broken into pieces and scattered on the ground. Statues of Christ were wrenched and let to lay on the floor.

The mayor invites the owners to complain to the Justice. «It’s unspeakable» cries out Yves Peltier, the mayor of Belleville. Three funeral urns have also been removed from there original place and the ashes scattered in the cemetery. The urns were found empty behind a grave. «It is unbelievable. I do not understand how someone can do that» mourns  Estelle Husson, the eldest daughter of two deceased whose ashes have been scattered, Claudine and Michel Husson. Source: