Attempted Arson and Theft in Church in Albinatico

Country: Italy

Date of incident: March 17, 2022

In the church of San Leopoldo in Albinatico, a candlestick for votive candles, and the offerings donated to the church, were stolen on 17. March. The thief, also inserted some lighted candles in the candlestick next to the special seats where the electric candles are usually put. When the parish priest Don Paolo Monti entered the church, he found that the lit candle was bending over and catching an electrical candle alight which he said could have started a fire.

He continued: "There are several people who stop during the day to pray in our church and I do not want a negative event like this to be possible. Obstructing or even interrupting this tradition. For us seeing the Church with its doors open is in any case a sign of hope." They have decided to install cameras as a preventative measure for similar acts in the future.


Symbolic Image by Rashmi Joshi on flickr