Several Anti-Christian Graffitis on Christian's Homes and Workplaces

Country: Austria

Date of incident: March 17, 2022

Around the 8th of March, several Anti-Christian graffitis appeared in Vienna. The home and office of Gerhard Labschütz, a pro-life Catholic, were painted with anti-Christian tags by unknown vandals. The graffitied epithets read: "here lives a Christian fundamentalist" and "abort fundamentalists." Mr Labschütz is also the managing director of the Catholic-based Austrian Cartell Association (ÖCV), the offices that were also targeted by the perpetrators. Similar tags were found outside the offices of two other organisations: "Fairändern" and the "Lebensbewegung" (ÖLB).

The tags were probably made on the 8th of March, which marks International Women's Day, given the hashtag #8M besides the anti-Christian slogans. The perpetrators probably belong to a militant feminist group. 

Source and Fotos: Direct testimony from the victims.