Muslims Group Attacks Coptic Christians in Turin

Country: Italy

Date of incident: April 21, 2022

As it was reported on the 21. April, two Coptic Christians, who were smoking in the square in Turin, were approached by a Muslim group who told them it was Ramadan and they should not be smoking. The two men, who were wearing Christian crosses, explained their faith and that they were not Muslim, so this rule did not apply to them. The Muslim group then proceeded to attack the two with kicks and punches but left before the police arrived.

The victims were a man aged 62 and his 72-year-old uncle who were of Egyptian origin. The daughter of the 62-year-old man suggested, "maybe that group of people had already noticed my family, my uncle lives in the area, and my father is known in the community for his work as an activist. Both wear quite evident Christian crosses."

She continued, "We have already had problems in the past. It happened to me in the centre, I was with my friends, and we were approached by a man with a small child who started insulting us by calling us impure and saying that we were dressed like prostitutes because we wore western clothes. It had always happened around Ramadan. The husband of a friend of my mother was attacked because she was eating during the month of fasting which he obviously does not respect since he is of another religion."


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