Pro-Abortion Attack Pro-Life Activists at Barcelona Hospital

Country: Spain

Date of incident: January 27, 2012

Peaceful pro-life protesters against abortions at Barcelona Catholic hospital were attacked by pro-abortion counter-demonstrators, some of whom reportedly threw rocks and trash and shouted obscene insults.

The protest was held, as it is on the 25th of every month, outside of Barcelona’s Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Holy Cross and Saint Paul) Hospital, in protest against the hospital’s policy of performing abortions. The grass roots organization ‘HazteOir’ (‘Make Yourself Heard’) reports that 350 people attended. The group, which normally protests for about 30 minutes and then prays the rosary while walking to the Basilica of the Holy Family, walked “under the cries of a hundred pro-abortionists and radicals, infuriated people who didn’t cease to yell and insult us at every moment,” said Tania Fernández of Barcelona Right to Life. Fernandez added that the protesters appeared frustrated because “they are powerless before the peace, joy, and tranquility that we had despite their cries, blasphemies, insults, spitting, and more.” Source: