Arson Attack to Catholic Chapel in Newry

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 22, 2022

St Catherine’s Dominican Chapel, a Catholic chapel in Newry, was targeted by arsonists who set religious books and pamphlets on fire. Nobody was hurt, in the incident which happened on the 22nd of May, but the head priest had to put the fire out. A witness said they saw youths running from the scene and it was guessed that they were the arsonists.

Gavin Malone, the independent councillor, said: “This begs the question, where are we going? Is nothing sacred anymore?

“The Dominican community in Newry are elderly men and are held in very high esteem by the people of Newry."

“I know that I speak for all the decent people out there who condemn, without equivocation, the sacrilegious and mindless actions of these youths I appeal to them, and others, engaged in such despicable behaviour to desist from their activities before there are serious consequences."

“I extend my sincere apologies to Fr David and the Dominican community and assure them of our support and vigilance and hopefully we will not see a repeat of this cowardly behaviour.”

Source and Image: News