Student Pro-Life Group Launches Petition after Being Rejected from 6 Universities

Country: Germany

Date of incident: May 31, 2022

The group "Pro-Life Europe" has launched a petition to be admitted at the University of Regensburg. Since 2020, they have been refused a place in 6 universities in German speaking countries; a serious challenge to freedom of speech. In 2021, the students tried to be accepted as a group at the University of Regensburg to discuss the topic of abortion with scientific approaches. Despite asking three times and complying with the guidelines, they were rejected without reason; while other groups were given full support. Similar opposition was met at other universities including TU Munich, the University of Wuppertal, the University of Augsburg, the Johannes Kepler University , and the University of Vienna which denied them a stand. The organization is not religious, but many belonging students identify as Christians and are representative of religious groups with similar opinions.

Manuela Steiner, Chair of ProLife Europe eV said: “ProLife Europe focuses on providing scientific facts, risks of abortion and help with pregnancy conflicts when needed. We do this in an appreciative and loving way. The most important thing is the open, free and non-judgmental dialogue on this controversial topic – regardless of any world view.”

Pro-Life Europe, has started a petition to get immediate admission as "Pro-Life University Group Regensburg".


Image by  Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash