Faithful Stoned During Mass at Carcassonne

Country: France

Date of incident: November 2, 2010

The 150 faithful attending holy mass on Tuesday, November 2nd, in the Church of Saint Jacques du Viguier were the target of two teenagers who entered the church to throw stones on the faithful. An eldery person was slightly injured and a statue of the virgin Mary was damaged.

Francis Battut, procureur of Carcassone has ordered an investigation to identify the two adolescent: “We take this matter very seriously,” he said. Brice Hortefeux, then Minister of Internal Affairs and in charge of religions has delivered a message of support to the faithful of the parish: “This aggression, alas, is not an isolated fact (...) As the Minister in charge of religions and worships, I want to solemnly remind you that secularism is not the negation of religion but the guarantee given to everyone to practice in peace their faith of choice. I want to reassure you: the Republic is at your side.” The bishop of Carcassone, Mgr Planet, mentioned the “emotion of the Catholic community, suddenly faced with an incomprehensible violence.” Sources: