Half-Naked Protesters Wear Religious Symbols in Front of Churches

Country: Spain

Date of incident: May 16, 2022

The police in Spain had to stop a protest that was taking place at the door of the church "Virgen de la Luz" in Cuenca, in which several half-naked women were wearing religious symbols. This was reported on the 16th of May by the online news "El Debate". Later on, "Abogados Cristianos" opened proceedings against the group for hurting religious feelings, after the same incident took place in other churches.

It seems they were performing a feminist act of protest, in which women wear a horse-tale over her butt. This is a feminist movement that started in Chile and is called "Yeguada Latinoamericana".

According to their website, they intend to "subvert and challenge classist, patriarchal, colonial and speciesist regimes through performance as language".

According to a press release by the organization "Abogados Cristianos", one of the protesters was dressed as the Virgin Mary using religious elements, and the other five people "posed on all fours half-naked with religious clothing and a ponytail between their buttocks".

Source: El DebateLa RazonLa VanguardiaAbogados Cristianos

Picture: Abogados Cristianos