Polish Graves in Belarus Profanated by Belarusian Authorities

Country: Belarus

Date of incident: July 5, 2022

The headquarters of the Home Army Polish soldiers who died in 1944 was destroyed by Belarusian authorities. None of the 22 crosses that stood on the memorial remain standing. Nasz Dziennik, the government plenipotentiary for Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad, considered this vandalistic act a provocation to escalate the relations between Poland and Belarus, fearing that this might only be a "prelude to further disgusting acts of provocation". He added that the Belarusian regime means to distance itself from the family of European Christian States, but that the desecration of the graves and destruction of the memorial site will be received with equal indignation both by Poles in Belarus and by Belarusians.

Sources: Pch24.pl, Zyciestolicy.com.pl

Picture retrieved from Unsplash by Wendy Scofield