Overview of 266 Cases of Anti-Christian Vandalism in 2008

Country: France

Date of incident: December 31, 2008

According to the French Internal Affairs Department 266 acts of vandalism targeted Christian sites in 2008. Please find a list of examples here.

Examples of Vandalisms in the Year 2008 Churches and chapels which have been targeted: * Angers: Saint-Joseph’s church was targeted by vandals and highly damaged (January) Haute-Marne: a chapel in Cusey was damaged and tagged with swatiskas (April) * Nord-Pas-de-Calais: in the chapel of Walcourt statues and windows were broken (July) * Indre-et-Loire: the church of Sonzay was put to fire, the altar and the harmonium were damaged (July)

Cemeteries which have been vandalized:

* Haut-Rhin: cemetery vadnalized in Neuweg (January) * Aude: cemetery of Pépieux was vandalized (March) * La Rochelle: crosses were turned upside-down and graves damaged (April) * Val-de-Marne: 41 crosses were destroyed or stollen in the cemetery of Pie (May) * Brittany: 35 graves were profaned in the cemetery of Carentoir (May) * Mayenne: crosses and funerary objects were damaged in the cemetery of Brée (May) * Ardennes: about 15 graves were vandalized in Sault-Saint-Rémy (June) * Perpignan: 250 graves were targeted in Elne and tagged with satanic symbols (June) * Mende: 37 graves were tagged with swatiskas (July) * Haute-Savoie: 15 graves were vandalized in Saint-Sigismond’s cemetery (July) * Haut-Rhin: 123 graves were damaged in the cemetery of Ottmarsheim (July) * Meurthe-et-Moselle: 30 cross were destroyed in a cemetery (September) * Carbonne: 50 crosses were planted upside-down in the cemetery (November) * Loire-Atlantique: 10 graves were vandalized in La Chapelle-Des-Marais (December)