Unidentified Women Smear the Facade of Church of St. Agostino

Country: Italy

Date of incident: July 18, 2022

The facade of St. Agostino's Church, located in via Principi D'Acaja, was smeared with writings by perpetrators who were unaware of the security cameras in the vicinity. Thanks to the surveillance system the police were able to identify those responsible for damaging the church. Federico Battel, the commander of the Municipal Police of Pinerolo, disclosed that "we are talking about some girls, probably adults, from the shooting we recognize the faces well, now we are working to trace the names and surnames. Subsequently, we will proceed to report for damage and the costs of the restoration will also be charged".

Source: Ecodelchisone.it

Picture retrieved from Ecodelchisone.it by Dario Costantino