Overview of Anti-Christian Vandalism in 2006

Country: France

Date of incident: December 31, 2006

Category: Social Hostility / Intolerance

Attack against: Faith

Area of case: Private

Acording to National Sources, 172 acts of vandalism against all religions have occured in France in 2006. A large number of those were perpetrated against Christian places of worship. Please find in the following an exemplary list of indicidents.

Churches and chapels which have been targeted:
* Bretagne: XVth century chapel was put to fire and almost completely detroyed (January
* Bretagne: a church was vandalized, windows and statues broken into pieces (February)
* Bretagne: a chapel was set to fire and almost totally burned out(May)
* Paris: a church was stoned and stain windows broken. (September)
* Meuse: a church was vandalized, statues stolen or broken (September)
* Bretagne: the cathedrale of Saint-Brieux was vandalized (September)
* Pas-de-Calais: thefts in a church amount to 11 000€ (October)
* Bretagne: a church was sacked and wrecked (November)
* Lyon: a church twice targeted and put on fire (November)
* Marseille: a chapel put to fire under cover of Islamic references (December)
* Dijon: Molotov cocktails thrown against a parish and into priest’s home (December)
Cemeteries which have been vandalized:
* Saint-Thurien (Morbihan): 63 graves were tagged with satanic symbols (January)
* Combré (Loire): about 10 graves were vandalized just before Easter (April)
* Vendine (Haute-Garonne): 7 graves were taged with nazi symbols (July)
* Suarin (Calvados): crosses and ornaments were broken and tagged (September)
* Cazères (Haute-Garonne): vandalism and profanations (November)
* Saint-Jérôme (Haute-Garonne): 40 graves were vandalized (November)
* Cran-Gevrier (Haute-Savoie): 70 graves were vandalized.
* Allauch (Bouches-du-Rhône): about 100 graves were vandalized (December)