Swedish Church Vandalized With Swastikas and Penises

Country: Sweden

Date of incident: July 15, 2022

During the night between July 15 and 16, unknown perpetrators vandalized Rydboholm's church in Borås with swastikas, penises, and the word 'Hitler'. The security company was the first to notice the graffiti on the church's facade. When Pastor Sven-Erik Olsson arrived at the church, he noticed how much worse the case actually was: "There is graffiti on windows, on doors, flower pots and even on the stone stairs in front of the gate. It's outrageous, it's the whole community's church". The police were alerted and are looking into the case.

Source: Svt.seDagen.se

Picture retrieved from Borasdly.se by Ellinore Levinsson