Church of Buissenal Vandalized with Hateful Message

Country: Belgium

Date of incident: August 14, 2022

The Church of Buissenal was vandalized on the night of 13. to 14. August by unknown perpetrators. The vandals broke into the building by destroying stained glass windows and left a message on the main altar with the word "EVIL". They also defaced two grave markers in the cemetery.

"It's a disgrace", commented Carine de Saint-Martin, the mayor. "The cemeteries of Oeudeghien and Montrœul-au-Bois were also recently vandalized. We wonder if it is not the same person or persons. The commune of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing has filed a complaint.... It will of course be difficult to identify the perpetrator(s) unless the neighborhood has witnessed malicious acts. We are going to be cautious and reinforce security around the religious buildings in the entity. The police are carrying out patrols in order to perhaps find the perpetrator(s)".



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