Painting From the 18th Century worth 50.000 Euros Stolen From Church

Country: Italy

Date of incident: August 19, 2022

An unknown perpetrator stole an oil painting from the small church of San Filippo Neri in Terzago di Calvagese della Riviera on 19. August. The painting, which depicts the Virgin Mary, is estimated to be worth 50,000 euros. The police are investigating.

Accoring to  Brescia Today: "The painting that was the object of the thieves' attentions - and of a possible buyer, who may have commissioned the theft - is the painting of the Virgin by Giovanni Antonio (or Gian Antonio) Zadei, dated back to 1770. The work, as explained by the daily Bresciaoggi, is included in the database provided by the Diocese to the Carabinieri's Artistic Heritage Protection Unit.

The small church is always open during the day, and the access door - which is closed at night - is certainly not 'thief-proof', as admitted by the parish priest himself, Don Aurelio Cirelli. The value of the stolen work could be around 50,000 euro."


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