San Lorenzo Church Defaced in Chiavenna, Italy

Country: Italy

Date of incident: October 29, 2022

On the 29th of October, the San Lorenzo Church in Chiavenna was defaced with graffiti. Unknown vandals left inscriptions and markings in red paint in the portico, the oratory and the neighbouring buildings of the religious site. According to the graffiti, it looks like it was perpetrated by the same person or group of persons.

"I saw these strange paintings, a bit naive, and definitely out of place, this morning, when I went to the church to celebrate the 7.30 a.m. Mass," said Don Andrea Caelli, archpriest at San Lorenzo. He continues: "They were there, in a corner of the colonnade, indecipherable. Shortly afterwards I realised that more or less similar writings, again with red paint, were also made on the walls of the oratory of San Lorenzo and in adjacent buildings. There too, incomprehensible scribbles'.

Father Caelli informed the Carabinieri and the mayor of Chiavenna, Luca Della Bitta, about the incident.

Don Caelli narrated: "For now, I have notified the authorities and the police, and certainly, as a parish, we will have to file a complaint. This is the first time that something like this has happened, at least since I've been in Chiavenna. At most, we find broken bottles and rubbish behind the oratory (also present yesterday, including an empty beer mug, cigarette butts, lighters, a lipstick), where there is a small table with benches, but nothing more. This time, however, in addition to the graffiti, we also found a can of spray paint there, empty'.