Church Stained Glass Windows and Trees Vandalized in the Netherlands

Country: Netherlands

Date of incident: November 1, 2022

The St Martin's Church in 't Veld has filed another report of vandalism at the police station. Ten shots were fired at the windows on the 27. October. And a couple of days later, vandals snapped in half two prunus trees in the garden near the house of worship. "We have asked the police to make an extra round at the church from time to time anyway, because apparently vandals are targeting us," says church board chairman Hans Glas.

''Last week we already had those ten stained-glass windows that were shot or smashed, now the little trees between the church and Rijdersstraat had to suffer. Those little trees are kind of my baby so you can understand that I was not at my cosiest on Monday. Of the five little trees, they broke two in half. Why? I went back to report it to the police, so at least they know something is going on here.'' 

''But we have not found out who it was. The suspicion is for a ball gun but a slingshot has also been mentioned. Though then I expect you get round holes in the window much more often and in the windows shot in or thrown in last week, several have more messy holes. But we don't know. We haven't found any bullets or anything like that, but we haven't found any stones either.'' - Hans Glas

Source: Noordhollands Dagblad

Photo: Noordhollands Dagblad