Theft and Desecration at Carnac Cemeteries

Country: France

Date of incident: November 1, 2022

On the 1st of November it was reported that over several days, the cemeteries of Carnac have been victims of theft and vandalism. The municipality of Morbihan is raising awareness about this issue. The damages included vandalism to equipment, thefts of watering cans, stolen walkers for people with reduced mobility, padlocks forced open of the cemetery entrance, among others. The graves were also targeted, as flowers were stolen and steles were broken.


"The cemeteries of Carnac have become for some time the playground of disrespectful thugs who damage equipment and help themselves with impunity," the community reported on their Facebook page.


The police and the municipality are doing everything possible to identify the perpetrators and obtain compensation for the damage done.



Symbolic Photo from Unsplash