Fire Set to Catholic Chapel

Country: Russia

Date of incident: December 24, 2007

Intentional fire was set at a Catholic chapel in the Cossack village of Leningradskaya, the Krasnodar Region. The motivation of the attack and its perpetrators remain unknown but it could be religious hate.

‘It happened the last midweek and caused serious anxiety among local parishioners’; the Vatican representation in Moscow has told Interfax-Religion on Monday. Parish’s supervisor Bishop Clemens Pickel notes that it is not the first incident of such a kind. ‘The first attempt was made about a month ago. We considered it was humiliation by the satanists or the like’, Pickel’s letter to the Vatican’s representative Archbishop Antonio Mennini reads. Its text was also conveyed to Interfax-Religion. According to Bishop Pickel, both arsons could be performed by people interested in the land plot, where the chapel is located. The representation noted that local authorities had already promised to investigate into the matter, while Nuncio Mennini intended to visit the aggrieved community and to express his support to them.    Source: (december 24th, 2007)