28-year-old Woman Arrested after Looting Cathedral's Sacristy in Gorizia for Non-Valuable but Scared Objects

Country: Italy

Date of incident: September 21, 2022

On September 21, a woman broke into the sacristy of the cathedral of Gorizia, an Italian city in Friuli on the border with Slovenia, with keys stolen last week, and looted it. Nevertheless she was detected by the cathedral's video surveillance and arrested a few hundred meters away. In her bag were chalices, patens, a custode, a baptismal shell and other consecrated objects - but all in non-precious metal. As well as a bag with other keys of the cathedral.

Her loot was given to the parish. The historical consecrated objects are not housed in the room where she entered, says the parish priest of the cathedral in the local press.

Source: goriziaoggi.news

Photo: goriziaoggi.news