Three Teenagers Extinguish Arson Fire in Holland

Country: Netherlands

Date of incident: April 12, 2022

Three teenagers aged around 14 discovered a fire at the church on the Brink in Sint Anthonis on the 12th of April. They noticed the smoke when they were passing by the church of Antonius Abbot and went to raise the alarm at a cafe nearby. The boys managed to put out the fire themselves with water buckets before the firebrigade arrived.

Officer Jan congratulated the boy: Sebastiaan, Nick and Michiel They managed to put it out themselves, even before the fire brigade got there. "They did that well, it could have ended very differently," officer Jan Meijer proudly told them.


The manager of the café said: "Then the plexiglass was burning heavily. The window behind it had also snapped due to the heat."

"They prevented a lot worse," said police officer Jan. "They did that absolutely well," he said.

"The fire brigade did come to extinguish after and remove the smoke." The fire did not end up inside the church, but there was some soot damage inside. The officer also says he does suspect how the fire started. "Probably it was lit by someone. After all, it was on the outside."

Source: Omroep Brabant

Symbolic Photo from Pixabay