Vandals set fire to St. Vladimir's Church in Lviv

Country: Ukraine

Date of incident: May 19, 2022

On 19 June in the Sykhiv district of Lviv, the church of St. Prince Vladimir caught fire. According to the sources, a bucket of liquid, a cloth stick, a lighter, a jacket and a cap were found at the scene of the fire. The evidence was seized by the police.


According to firefighters, the fire originated under a layer of roofing material, the roof of the church itself was not damaged. The fire at St Vladimir's Church was extinguished by 20 rescuers using four special vehicles.


The St. Vladimir church has long been a target for vandalism:

- 25 April: A man with a firearm announced that the church building was going to be demolished

- 1 May: Radicals tried to disrupt a religious service

- 8 May: Vandals poured foam on the entrance doors of the church and desecrated the walls with inscriptions "Russians aren't people", "devils of the FSB", and "Putin's house"

- 15 May: Unknown persons attempted to set fire to the church, crosses were scrawled and "no pasaran" inscriptions were left behind.

- 25 and 28 May: The walls of the long-suffering church were also desecrated with inscriptions on 

Source: SPZH

Photo from Portal Lviv