Radical Left Calls for Burning of Churches

Country: Germany

Date of incident: March 16, 2012

An online call to “see churches burning” was published as a “Christmas wish” in 2011 by a group of leftwing extremists called 'Antifa Freiburg'. “We will not give up hope that there will be a miracle and we can warm ourselves next year at the glow of burning churches.” Prosecution investigated but dropped the case.

After the organisation 'Antifa Freiburg' expressed the wish on their webpage to “see churches burn down in the upcoming year", several complaints had been lodged against the leftwing extremists. The prosecution was investigating for the suspect of incitement but came to the conclusion that the statement was just a “tasteless publication which is not relevant under criminal law.” Moreover it was claimed that it would not be possible to determine the author. According to criminal intelligence, an Icelandic company provided the webpage to the organisation. The droping of the case was reported in the German-language Catholic news portal www.kath.net. This lead 'Antifa Freiburg' to publish another wish in March 2012: namely to see Kath.Net burn...