Vandals Destroy glass pane in the Belmonte Sanctuary

Country: Italy

Date of incident: December 22, 2022

In Valperga, vandals broke a glass pane of the Belmonte sanctuary, as reported on the 22nd of December. Mayor Sandretto commented that a volunteer who takes care of the place has repaired the damage, as he was the one that noticed it. The attack must have been on the days before.

VALPERGA - Vandals break a glass pane at the Belmonte sanctuary



"It's an unpleasant episode, but fortunately nothing particularly serious," commented the mayor of Valperga, Walter Sandretto. "It has already been repaired by the volunteer who takes care of the sanctuary and who noticed the damage first. Fortunately, we can count on people like him to take care of the Sanctuary, which together with the Sacred Mountain is a Unesco heritage site and a reference point for the Canavese community for centuries".


Source: QC Quotidiano Canavese

Photo: QC Quotidiano Canavese