Two Teenagers Smear The Walls and Door of a Historic Chapel in Konz

Country: Germany

Date of incident: September 22, 2022

Two 13-year-olds vandalised and spray-painted a Chapel in Jeuchental, near Konz, on the 20th of September. As quoted by the police "The chapel had been heavily damaged with graffiti on three sides and on the entrance door. Facebook users raised their concerns and commented on the situation. The police has identified the vandals.

An employee cleaned up the graffiti on the day after. According to the report, the vandals painted partly confused slogans directed against political parties AFD, CDU and National Socialism.

According to the city council, the entire building will probably need to be repainted, considering the preservation of historical monuments. An estimate indicates that the damage will probably amount to several thousand euros.

Source: Volksfreund

Symbolic Picture: Unsplash